Thursday, February 12, 2009

So where is this mysterious thing?

A few weeks ago I had a cat-scan of my head done. It was an interesting process and I brought a camera with me. I had the tech take pictures of me inside the machine and it was pretty cool. He laughed. I also requested all the results from the scan and the software to run it. I got all that stuff and it's pretty cool. I can scan through my brain looking at all the different levels and well.. its rather baffling, intriguing and interesting.

So this is the machine that changes the world? Or is this the translator that translates the world into something that I can understand. Or is this is the thing that gathers information, changes it into electrical impulses, then assembles it into concepts.

Anyway, What I really wanted to say was that if you ever ask a person to point at themselves they invariably point at their heart. Yet if you ask a person where their soul is they invariably point to their head. Interesting.

Well, I took a really hard look at my brain scan and I couldn't find a soul. Not even a hint of one. But then again what does a soul look like? Here, you take a look and let me know if you can find it.

This is a screenshot from the scan of my actual skull. Am I, the thing that is I, the I that I am, In there somewhere?


Paul said...

Hi Will, I can’t see anything it looks empty! Only joking.
I see some people point to there stomachs!
Also the stomach im sure is classed as our second brain?

In a magazine about brain activity theory, something like that.It said the brain is stimulated through the senses in different areas of the brain, for example your alarm clock starts a level of stimulation, which you become aware of. I can’t remember which part became aware or if there was one but if the stimulation is not high enough you will not become aware of it, late for work again!
So point is the brain is like lots of individuals fighting for awareness.
Lots of these stimulations go amiss while others have managed to gain lots of brain area and awareness sometimes to the detriment of the individual.

My personal theory, the brain tries to mirror the outside and inside worlds. Just some people don’t like what they see! And don’t look in it !

Truth is the soul to be honest, the problem is it hurts.

So looking at the scan I think your soul is …
Get back to you on that one cant see a thing.
But will keep looking!

Will said...

lol, thanks! I am going to hold my breath until you get back to me!