Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Quote that will stagger you

I spent a few quiet hours yesterday reviewing my TSFTMOL notebooks (TSFTOMOL = The Search For The Meaning of Life). I was looking for new patterns and paths; and I ran across one quote that I had jotted down that gave me pause to think. It's very visceral and it hits you like a blow to the solar plexus. Thing about this quote is that I didn't note where I got it. So, it's not mine, and I don't know who wrote it.

I have some thoughts about this quote but I am not going to give them to you. I just want you to take a few minutes and think about it and draw your own thoughts and conclusions about it. If you want, comment about it. But I am probably not going to comment. (I would love your comments, particulary because they won't be influenced by my thinking).

Anyway here is the quote:

"Time is an efficient killing machine."


Paul said...

Time is also a good healer!
Time is dependent on perspective.
Perspective has to have balance or wisdom.
To see things at the extreme is rather punishing for the mind and hart.
To stay in contact with such events requires complete observation with no reaction. An impossible task I would say.
Maybe this gift of observation without reaction is like the Samurai way of life, they just do. Watching there bodies fight, walk and all the other things we humans do.
By observing, (time as a good killing machine) is like seeing one aspect of the whole.
We must be strong to observe the transformation not the killing.
Killing is for murderers.
Regards Paul

Missie K said...

I realize this post is 2 yrs old, yet I felt compelled to comment on it.
Time is a very efficient killing machine,,,,
given enough time our bodies can fight off infection by killing it; with every passing season, plants go through a death and rebirth cycle; every year animals and insects go through the same cycle along with many other life forms on our planet, without which our ecosystem would fail; time, while it may not "kill" difficult situations and emotions, such as the passing of someone close to us, it does eventually kill the intense pain of immediate loss so that we can cope with missing our loved one; and, yes, in time everything and everyone dies to make room for rebirth. It is the way of life. The natural cycle of death and rebirth has been there since the first life form, and it will be there always. Time kills many things. Without it, our world would be lost.