Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lack of tools revisited

I was watching a special about police dogs and they showed this one test where they took a dog to a stadium that holds three thousand people. They gave the scent of a man to the dog. One the previous day there was a baseball game there and the man had sit in one particular seat in the stadium.

It was the challenge for the dog and it's owner to find out what seat the man sat it.

Think about this. Three thousand people were there yesterday and the man sat in one seat.

Well the dog found the exact seat that the man had sat in. This boggles the mind.

This is something that I, as a man do not have the tools to do. Plain and simple.

Is this also the case with the search for the meaning of life? Do I simply not have the tools to do it? -Maybe so.

the scent of the man was there all along and I as a man had no idea. Is the answer that I seek right here in front of me? Yet I have no idea?

This brings up another possibility: If I cannot find the answer is there a tool (like the dog) that I can use to find it for me?

Monday, June 19, 2006

On the lack of tools

I am forever wrestling with the fact that it is quite possible I do not have the tools to understand/comprehend the real answer. It may simply be beyond me/us. Something that cannot be grasped in our current form and capability.

Even within my own language of English there are strict limitations. After all, my thoughts are formed and guided by the languages I speak. What if there are no words for the answer? What if it can't be explained or understood with the tools I have?

Let me give you a little example. Here is a word in portuguese that has no translation in English:


If my language has gaps in its ability and is limited within the realm of normal human experience and expression how will I be able to use it to understand something that seems to be outside the normal range of human experience?

The search for the meaning of life continues

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I was in that place between the waking world and the sleeping world when a thought came to me.

What if the meaning of life were also searching for me? What if all I have to do is make myself known to it so it can find me?

What do I do to let it know that I am here?