Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Follow the Feedback to find the answer

The most important part of any system is the feedback. This applies to everything from a corporation to a society to a machine, a computer, an ecosystem and simply every system. This feedback is necessary to keep the system running the way it is meant to run. A poignant example of this is a favorite project of mine (it's not my project, I just mean that it is a project that I am following). It is the project of the clock of the long now. It is a clock that will continue to mark time for ten thousand years. And it will give a different series of chimes each day for these ten thousand days! It is quite a human endeavor and a wonderful way to think about time. But the real purpose of me mentioning this is that in order for this clock to stay on time for 10,000 years it has to have some kind of a feedback system that will keep it in proper step. This clock will use the position of the sun as feedback to stay in sync with its goal which is to count and chime the days accurately for 10,000 years. (which is 3 million, six-hundred and fifty-two thousand and five hundred days.

Ok, now I have made my point about feedback and now we can apply this to the mystery of life, the universe, the creator and the whole kit and kaboodle. The universe is replete with examples of circles within circles that mimic each other and follow the same rules. So, is it so far-fetched to think that the biggest system, the grandest system, the system that wraps around all other systems, also uses feedback? It seems to make sense to me.

So, to find the answer you have to figure out what the feedback stream is and follow it back to the decision maker that makes adjustments according to the information provided by the feedback.

An argument against this:

Well, you might be saying that the whole system is perfection and perfection requires no feedback. And this is true, a perfect system would require no feedback because nothing needs to be tweaked, modified or changed - it is perfect. But to this I would say couldn't feedback simply be another part of the perfect system?

If you have any thoughts on this let me know and if you have a hunch or idea about what the feedback stream might be let me know, we could trace it back to the source of all.


Paul said...

Feedback could be as natural as gravity? The flow of force, by the shortest route.
All matter must follow this rule. Matter can be seen to break this rule if for example it has kinetic energy like a satellite, which seems to defy gravity.
If there were only gravity the universe would collapse. Kinetic energy is required.
These two forces are held in a dance of movement to a rhythm we do not understand.
But that rhythm is where God is.
Now we have the gift to move matter in a purposeful way, within this ultimate rhythm.
We understand feedback when our movements go against this rhythm.

Will said...

Hi Paul, I am trying to wrap my head around this. It is a very acute observation. Could you explain more? So is God the rhythm and dance of all the energies in the universe? And we feel this. We also feel it when we go against the natural flow of these energies?

Paul said...

Hi Will, now is God the rhythm dance of all the energy’s?
Ok, have you found, when say, you move your kitchen bin you keep going back to the old position? Suddenly to be made aware its not there! Oh yea I moved it you say.
Well could feedback be like this?
God has set up the universe he has no need to come back to it, until something makes him aware!

Lets say this universe is so uncaring, is it because its up and running no need to have a conscious universe.
Its like us we only become aware, conscious of our body’s when something is wrong.
So I was thinking there’s two types of relationship going on here:
Reactionship and relationship.
The universe is in a reactionship it has no awareness or choice.
We can have a relationship with the universe, for we can choose to protect our selves from harmful reactions like sunburn? We don’t have to react we can relate.
A personal story
I went to my allotment shed after some week’s absence to find a ball shaped object two cupped hands in size hanging from the inside roof? Confused I went very close to examine it, BBBZZZ a wasp flew from the small hole I was looking up into!
I froze in that small space the glass windows of the shed, my hair skin vibrated with the flight of the wasp. It ignored me and left. I was left with the shock and the mystery of how it had made this ball nest thing!
That question was answered in that shocked moment suddenly by my mind.
It made it by instinct, but the first wasp to make it, must have made it in a creative moment. Was that wasp aware conscious?
I think not, but it does seem to warrant thinking about.
Only humans seem to be able to observe creative moments, and generally think they the originator. But maybe the eureka moment is just like the first wasp.
The universe is set in motion; Life has the gift like the creative moment when the universe was first conceived. Being able to observe it and forget it because it becomes habit, ordinary and instinctual. Only true-recorded history could prove this idea?
I think feedback for the universe is set in a reactoinship, which requires as yet no conscious effort. But life feedback has both reactionship and relationship when we become conscious of the reactions.
Stopping now ill leave it at, what do you think?

J. said...

You mention books on that website of yours.
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It essentially seeks out all sources on all matters and brings them together. A massive work, but well worth having a browse through sections you are interested in. It is very readable.

Paul said...

Thanks J will check the book out, let you know.