Thursday, January 15, 2009

The funnel

I was thinking the other day about the possibility of people having spirits or souls. Well, this got me to thinking that there is quite a large number of spirits or souls traversing across the living mesh of this planet.

I thought it would best be described in a picture:

Now this is just a visual metaphor for the concept that I am talking about. You and I don't really see the spirits and souls flowing in and out of the mesh of life on earth. But it is something to think about. And if this is really happening then why?

Some interesting stats about life/death About 150,000 people die every day and 350, 000 are born every day. Its quite a large number of spirit souls isn't it? Well of course I haven't really verified those facts but here is a very interesting site with some mind boggling statistics. Click on the daily button The World Clock


Paul said...

Hi Will,
Could you give me your interpretation of the difference between spirit and soul?
Thanks for the link to the world clock web site, very interesting.

Will said...

Hi Paul,

I am an Agnostic so don't have a particular belief but rather I hold all options open. As far as spirit and soul goes I was using the two interchangeable as meaning the same thing. I guess a better way to say it would be to describe it as a persons essence that is separate from body.... I guess :) Oh and thanks so much for your latest writing. I have started a folder to keep your writing in. Extraordinary and much for me to think on.

Paul said...

Thanks for reply Will,
I think there is a distinction between Spirit and Soul. I have pondered and here is the theory.
Spirit is the symbol of perfection pure not manifest.
Soul is the symbol of the spirit manifest and not perfect.

Now that’s it, I have generated a lot of ideas off this theory,
Oh, and I don’t mean we are all imperfect! I mean we were perfect but the goal post keeps moving i.e. you can’t step into the same river twice.
Here’s another idea or contemporary meaning to the Christ myth, cleansing your soul of sin by going back to the spirit. (Keeping in touch with spirit, as in spirit guide)

This is all very colourful but it does help to see a possible truth.
One of my likes is to try and see the world as our ancestors might have. Using religious text, architecture and Symbolism.
Now I’m trying to wrap this up but more keeps coming, here goes.

Now we lose contact with the spirit, which is trying to manifest, and instead we choose to get distracted by manifestations of the world. The physical. We can’t see the spirit within the physical. (Materialism of today)
Our ancestors lived in a more harmonious relationship with these two forces. Some cultures lost the plot completely, as in the Incas. (Spiritualism)
I do believe in our time we have the best opportunity to find an evolutionary step toward understanding or harmonising these two influences.
Do you see we are talking like our ancestors using their words to understand a modern world? This all needs new spirit a fresh and contemporary expression.
Stopping now all the best,