Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beginning and Ending

Is is true that everything that has a beginning, has an ending? Its a concept. But is it true.
Let's take a look at life, mine, yours, everybodys.

As far as I can tell I had a beginning. And before that beginning there was nothing. So if the beginning/ending theory is true then I will truly have an ending.

Here is the real question, the one we can't seem to know: Is the ending of this simply the beginning of something else? And of course that leads us to think that this beginning we are in now is actually the ending of something else. Is there an endless chain of beginnings and endings?

This just brings me to a thought about the big bang theory. If it is true that the universe began, then is it also true that it will end?

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Rod said...

"As far as I can tell I had a beginning."

Wow, there is so much tied up in that short phrase. This "I" we think we are: Is our perception of identity inextricably tied to our capacity to experience?