Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where was I for the past Billion Years?

This is a question that really affects me. Where was I for the billion years of infinity before I came into what I know as my life? It's very bizarre. As far as I know, the universe existed for a very long time before I came into existence. Why is it that I don't have any recollection of anything during all that time of existence?

A big thing to consider about this is whether or not that time actually existed. I mean that time is a very peculiar thing. We all sense it -at least we think we sense it. But there is nothing but a never ending now. There is only the "now" of now.

Ok, the really big question is " When I die, will I go back to that same place I was in for the billion years that I don't remember"?

Harrowing thought.


samuel said...

after death we go to the desert to count the grains of sand >)

Super Yoss said...

I have my opinion : we have some 'places'. Where we have been before : place A. Then when we born in this world : place B. If we die later, we will go to : place C.

We did not knew about PLACE A or PLACE C. Man have a lot of faith about those places.

savinggrace7 said...

Maybe we go nowhere. Maybe we do. But I always find myself asking, "Where would you want to go?" I try imagining a world without any pain and conclude that such a world would be unlike life now- we would have to let go of our memories to be without pain. But how would we appreciate such a world?

Paul said...

How about we never die.
Life the universe is all alive like one big reaction.
Endless transformation.
We are the poor sods aware of it.
Mountains change your whole body changes many times in your life
Have you died…. No
But you are aware of this mystery.
I’m not sure on this but does awareness die?

striderXIII said...

Ah, you see... There is point A, your birth, and point B, your death, and your existence is a loop between A and B...
Time is relative... And really tough to grasp.

Will said...

I thankyou all for your comments and insights. It is very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Yes most people wonder where we go when we die, and where we came from is not as much of a concern because it's behind us. Just the last couple days, I've been thinking how long 1,000 years is, how long a million years is, and, 1,000 million years, a billion years.

To go through that much time at the rate we perceive is really unimaginable. Get this - they say the universe is around 14 billion years old. There are almost 7 billion people in this world. Now imagine you had to meet each person and sit with that person for a whole year before you moved on to the next person, and repeat until you have met every single person in the world. A year each. Now double that time. That's how old the universe is.

Anonymous said...

And it is a harrowing thought.

Anonymous said...

You did not exist in the past billion or trillion years. You came into existence after your parents did it.