Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A World Without Keys

A World Without Keys - I stopped in a shopping center one morning to get myself a cup of coffee from a Dunkin Donuts. As I was walking back to the car I stepped on something. Looking down I saw a key. It appeared to have been run over a few times and the key ring was pretty rusty.

It started me thinking about the simple deception that a key is. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was no need for keys in this world?

But, regrettably, there are keys. And it leads me to the very scary thought that everything we see is all there is. It leads me to the thought that we are just biological units that live then die and that's it. We are simply units in a chain of meat that is vying for natural resources, nothing more and nothing less. And this is why the need for keys. Because natural resources are precious and must be guarded. After all, sitting in my ivory tower I must admit, or at least acknowledge, that people die of starvation every day. And if I am to be sure I do not follow in that path I must use a key to lock away things, hide them and protect them from others. The implications are saddening. . .


Wen Kuan said...

While I totally see how wonderful this world would be if there was no need for keys, I do not think a world with keys is any less wonderful. A world without keys as you described, to my understanding, would imply a much greater magnitude of things.

A key, as you put, is an object "to lock away things, hide them and protect them from others..." If, in a world, keys are not needed, then people in that world, inherently, would never steal from each other. Which would further imply the absence of many other atrocities human capable of. This chain of events spurt forth by the lack of key would generate a world that is vastly different from our world. Without going any deeper into this "keyless world", it is safe to say that neither you nor me exist in it (if you believe the general concept of cause and effect). Personally, I am always going to prefer the world I am currently in, regardless how wonderful other possible worlds are, both metaphorically and physically.

We, human, are known for having bad visions. What we see is never all there is. We cannot see through walls. We cannot see objects that are too far away (technology has its limits). We cannot even see the back of our head (we can only get an reflected image via other mediums).

We are definitely biological units that live and die. A biological unit, by definition, really has no choice but to live and die. While I would rather use a less aggressive word, "vying for natural resources" is what all biological units must do to preserve their existence. It is as a part of nature as Earth orbits around the Sun. (If you follow my reasoning thus far, you may expect where I am going with this. If not, keep an open mind...) People die of starvation every day is also just as a part of nature. It is so deep rooted in nature that it had happened every single day, nonstop, since the beginning of our race. It is an ongoing event that will not end within any forseeable time. If you are concerned enough about the issue, hunger, there are many physical action one can do to help the situation. If not, why trouble yourself over it?

Going back to the key, while it is widely used as an anti-theft measure, it also serves as an instrument of identification that prevents unintentional misaccess. It is also hard to imagine the mere lost of all physical possession would equate to the path of starvation.

Will said...

This is a wonderful and very thoughtful post Wen. Thankyou for your insight and thankyou for visiting my blog.

Paul said...

Hi Will, how about the key was an omen? good one of course.
Sometimes the answers right under are noses or feet, and the Key is a symbol of unlocking the hidden.
The meaning I see:
Has Wen said in his great post
"If you are concerned enough about the issue, hunger, there are many physical action one can do to help the situation. If not, why trouble yourself over it?"

And this is it your attention was opened by stepping on the key.
Another creature would not worry over it, but we humans see meaning beyond the obvious.
Why did you see what you posted?
Hope this makes some sence
Are Awearness is it above biolgical needs and why?