Sunday, March 29, 2009

Triangulating on the elusive woodpecker

Off in the distance i heard the striking of a woodpecker. And the thing about this is that there really was no way for me to find out exactly where it was without moving. From a single perspective it is not possible to find it.

My ears can give me a rough line to it but depth is another issue.

So, to find the woodpecker I had to move to another spot so I could "triangulate" on it and get a better sense of where it was.

Is this the same thing with the meaning of life? Is it not possible to find the elusive hammering of an answer from only one perspective?

This particular riddle might be perfectly fine with me - I have no problem seeking out, finding, observing and feeling from as many perspectives it takes but..... What if all of these perspectives, in this current life as I know it are actually just one perspective?

This leads us to think that the only way to get another perspective is to cross that cloudy veil into the next. (If there even is a "next"). Hmm... For that matter what if I am the woodpecker?


Paul said...

Hi will, like this one, also to remind you in a previous post you have done, If I remember correctly in this the use of a dogs heightened senses, I shall check.
But what if this elusive woodpecker hammering away cannot like you say be put together as a whole until you cross over.
Is the meaning of life an intuition, a wholeness that can be felt in the correct triangulation, Father son holy spirit? not go all not go all religous here though here though

Gregsal said...

Will, I can relate to the singular perspective dilemma. we seem so limited in our points of view sometimes - it can be frustrating to become acutely aware of the fact that we can only think "one way" - that our thoughts are stuck "inside the box" that we are so often urged to "think outside of" today. This is where I have been forced to acknowledge our human necessity for interdependence with others. Personally, I would not have been comfortable with this revelation, (I'm stubbornly self-sufficient) but witnessing the accomplishments of cooperative groups of people with a diversity of perspectives has opened my eyes. Whatever the term - community, team, family etc... the whole can be greater than the sum of it's parts. The perspectives of those we have these relationships with, expand our own.