Monday, March 02, 2009

I am heading to Japan and looking for suggestions

I am booked, paid for and all set. I am heading to Japan for a while. The funny thing is that I am going there for reasons other than my quest for the answer to the meaning of life. But, as wonderful and mysterious as the world is I can fold my quest right into the trip. But I don't really know much about Japan, Japanese culture or even Japanese Philosophy. So I have to do some research before I depart. I have some time to do this.

I thought maybe you could give me advice on what to see and what to visit that will help enrich me on my path to enlightenment. Do you know of any special places there that I should visit? Are there any must sees when it comes to the meaning of life, philosophy, religion and wisdom?

Any insight you can lend me will be greatly appreciated. - and even the fact that you are reading my blog is greatly appreciated !!

Thanks - you can email me privately or just post comments. I don't want to say exactly when I am going or how long I will be there - its just prudent internet security :)


Lisa said...

Check out Osaka. Or at least swing through the National Museum of Art or Museum of Oriental Ceramics. I guess I'm not too exciting.

Will said...

Thanks Lisa! I am so looking forward to this trip and its very close now. I will research Osaka. And as far as exciting goes - the Origami museum is top on my list! lol, a lot of people would probably consider that dull, but I am so looking forward to it. I love Origami!

Lisa said...

OOOoo! Origami is never dull. The threat of a papercut is far too intense.

Ondrej from Most Popular Books said...

Japanese greatly appreciate honor and respect towards old folks.