Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Galileo's Dad

I play classical guitar pretty much every day and I have a lot of books and sheet music. Yesterday I was going through the books looking for a new piece to learn and I stumbled onto a simply amazing piece.

It is called Saltarello which is an italian dance step in a peculiar three step rhythm. The thing about the saltarello dance is that even though some of the music still remains we don't have any record of how the dance was danced. It is lost in the past.

So I am playing this piece of music that is 500 years old (Galileo himself lived from 1564-1642) and the thought occurs to me about the nature of this existence we live. Isn't it amazing that there is this thread that passes through all of us throughout all the centuries? Galileo's Dad lived his life, he loved, he pursued his passions and he wrote a piece of music that lives on 500 years later.

To you my web visitor: I hope you do the same as he did. Live your life, love everything about it and pursue the things that you are passionate about.

Play the Saltarello and while it plays get up and create your own dance - it is believed to be two steps then a hop! Live your life like Galileo's Dad. Life is too short not to dance when you can.

PS : If you were to ask Galileo's dad how fast the past 500 years went by I bet he would say they passed pretty quick.

Well, the next 500 are going to go pretty quick too. Don't waste them.

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