Wednesday, December 06, 2006

About God or Not

I was listening to a radio show and the guest was speaking about his book on God and Religion as a biological function.

His theseis was that God, religion and spiritual experiences of all types are simply chemical reactions in the brain. It actually all made a great deal of sense.

He says that the thing that makes humans different is their self awareness. It is this self awareness that has made us so special and so able to survive and thrive. Self awareness is the trait that allows us to say "Darn I am cold so I should do something like make a coat." Whereas all the other creatures would have to wait eons for thicker coats to grow.

It's a good point.

And from this awareness of self comes the horrible realization that self will soon cease to exist. And it is from this angst of knowing we will die that we have biologically evolved a chemical neurological sense of god and religion. I would imagine that the bloodlines that have evolved this trait have been more successful in life and therefore are the bloodlines that thrive and survive.

All of this makes a really good sense but there seems to be one hole in the whole darn thing.

What about the absolute mystery of this existence we live? This incredible mystery of the should-be-nothingness that is actually the is-all-everything?

Can't reason that one way with chemical I would say.
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