Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Journey and the Destination or the destination is the journey?

Well, Interesting thing I have been going through lately.
You see some eight odd years ago I embarked on my quest to find "The" answer. The real meaning of it all, the  secret to be revealed. And I had a two-pronged attack.
Prong One: Continue with the thinking, reading, searching
Prong Two: Build a business that would give me the means to support my quest. The goal was to build it to the point where I could retire and devote myself to the search.

Well, picking out the business was a tricky thing. I wanted only to engage myself in activities that brought me joy. I know I only have so many hours left and I wanted to use them wisely. That hard line decision was a challenge. There was a period of time where I had to cancel my phone, take my car off the road, turn the heat down to 60 and eat in soup kitchens. True story. But I stood true to the ideal. It's important to me.

Ok, through that fire and a few years later I find myself in a peculiar place. The business is built and doing well. I am probably now at that point where I could retire and  focus on my quest. Really. The business should keep me well until I die. I could walk away  and focus solely on the quest.

But what would I do?  Quit the business that I have grown to love and sit under a bodhi tree? Travel to Tibet? Go see the dalai lama? Seek a meeting with the pope?

And in giving this whole situation a lot of thought something has occurred to me.

I have very much enjoyed the adventure of building a business, and by staying the course to only pursue what gives me joy. It has been a wonderful journey. It's as if Iktomi himself has had a hand in this and sought to grant me the possibility of a small wisdom -Maybe the journey of building something out of sheer love and joy is the meaning of life.

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that way madness lies... said...

Have you come to journey's end?