Sunday, May 17, 2009

Epiphany on a bus... or maybe not

I was riding on a bus and just enjoying the undulating countryside and I was thinking about people. All these people in this world -wow, there are so many of us. Each one different and each one living his or her life. It is really amazing. This brought a few thoughts to mind. And, of course, a few questions.
What are all these people? Are they all just biological functions?

Well, I had this image in my mind of all these golden globes of beautiful light floating along the country side; seated inside homes, sitting on the other seats of the bus, walking along the streets and paths, up and down escalators and elevators.

I pictured everyone as a beautiful glowing globe of spirit - a soul if you may.

It felt good to visualize the people of the world this way. And its a pretty common thing to think about. I haven't revealed anything new here.

But I did want to say something about this. Where the heck is this glowing globe of beautiful golden light? Why can't I really feel it? If it is so beautiful and so wonderful, and if we really are spiritual beings having a human experience why is it so well hidden?

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thebutterflypeople said...

I think that you can see and feel the souls of others, the warmth, the security of being near another human being, also some are able to see the aura. It is good to question, but sometimes it is best to meditate for the answers, I have had nearly all the questions that I had answered when meditating to sleep, and then take a journey into the library with books that will teach you all you want to know, just visualize it.

I like the Idea of everyone as a globe of light, sort of takes all the differences away. You ask where is the light and how come you cant feel it… I believe that our spiritual bodies are vibrating at a MUCH higher frequency than the physical body it inhabits, and therefore it cannot be seen with the naked eye, but sometimes if you are sleeping and you walk out of your body and look back down at it, you know that your consciousness is not just in your head (im talking about astral projection here). It is not hidden, the paranormal, the occult and the metaphysical are here for you to study and practice, the world is not devoid of answers, especially for those who seek them.

Take care, great blog by the way.